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Finally settling in…

I’m one of those people that tends to live with boxes around. Every move means something else is left in a box. Almost two years of moving into our apartment there are still boxes. I’m hesitant to put things up on the wall, not perhaps because of another impending move but just because I can’t decide and I need to live in a space before I arrange my stuff around me.

But, I have been getting better…I hung pendant lights in my living room. I was hoping that they would actually light up the room more than another lamp that I have been using, but they don’t. However, they do turn the room pink. Somehow red and white paisley paper lanterns cast pink on the french vanilla walls. Our living room looks pink from the street and that suits me just fine. It is a glowing soft room now…calming. I’ll need to add more lights because it is hard to read a book unless sitting very close to the lights so it won’t work very well for our home group. But, I do relax in the evenings in this room.

I’ve also noticed how restorative and calming plants can be. Somehow they are softer than any pillow. The shapes and color more calming that an artistic rendering of the plant. Little ferns are my favorite for the bedroom right now. Apparently they clean the air quite well which is good for a room that I spend at least eight hours a day in.

Maybe I will post some pics some day….


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