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Chicago visit

Last week marked my first proper visit to Chicago. My other trips were so quick and I did not stay in proper downtown. The first thing that I was amazed by was the architecture. What a beautiful city! I had no idea or I would have high-tailed it there earlier in my life. I have visited a lot of cities – London, Buenos Aires, Paris and many others. Baltimore almost seems like a town in comparison to Chicago’s skyscrapers. The Carbon and Carbide Building, the Hancock Building, the Tribune building (not to mention the Trump Tower which glints and towers in all its… glory).

We had a lot of coffee – Intelligentsia coffee to be exact. I had regular cups, a latte and a mocha! Oh the decadence, but it is not every day that you get beautiful latte art to stare at until you slurp it up!

I wish that I had saved up some money for shopping. It looked like there was some really good shopping there but I was not really in the mood and didn’t really have the money. Maybe next time!


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